Swimming Events 

Our mermaid swim packages are tailored to your group, the ages present, and your time length. They can include: 

Dry Events

No pool? No problem! Mermaids are still a great fit for your event! Dry events can include:

Nonprofits and Special Events

We love our community! We would love to bring a little extra magic to your community or nonprofit event!

After Hours/Cocktail Events

Wow your guests with one of our stunning mermaids to swim in the pool at your party, wedding reception, or brand launch. The mermaids start the first third of their time at your event staying dry (to keep their hair and makeup its best) for photos on deck with your guests before transferring to the water to alternate swimming in the pool and posing on deck for photos.

Our mermaid cocktail party packages are designed for atmospheric elegance and feature:

There is no limit on attendees if guests will not be in the pool with the mermaid.

Travel fees will apply to any party or event outside of our immediate service area of Mobile and Baldwin counties

*Travel fees are calculated by the number of miles traveled to the appearance location. Mileage rate determined by current IRS standard mileage rate.

Kindly note: Our mermaid visit requires special accommodations for arrival and departure. Our mermaids do not accept responsibility for the safety of the children while in the pool. Our mermaids can swim in in-ground pools ONLY, no above ground pools. A mer wrangler also accompanies our mermaids to all events. In the event of inclement weather, our mermaids be prepared to continue with activities (such as tattoos or story time) indoors or under a covered patio, seated in their tails.