Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes! We love parties! Save us some cake!

Are mermaids only for kids, or do you do adult events as well?

Mermaids are for everyone! We love children’s events, but we also really like hanging out with the grown ups, too. Everyone deserves a little magic in their lives, whether they’re 3 or 93.

Are you available for charity events?

Yes! We love our community and are excited to participate in charity and community events! Contact us!

When should I book?

The sooner the better! Mermaids are specialized performers, and, as such, there just aren’t a lot of us to go around. We recommend at least 4 weeks in advance, but 6-8 weeks is even better. You’re always welcome to submit a last minute request though. Maybe luck will be with you!

Do I need a deposit?

Sure do! We can’t guarantee your date and time without a deposit of $100, or 50% of the cost of your booking, whichever is less. All booking fees are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another date within one year of the original booking date if necessary, with a rescheduling fee of $30

Do I tip the mermaids?

It’s never required, but mermaids (and their wranglers) will always accept a few extra clams, if you would like to tip. 

Will the mermaids swim?

Yes, if there’s a pool, we will be in it flipping our fins! We love playing dive games and teaching bubble blowing, but we do not allow piggy back rides or climbing on or holding down the mermaid, for safety reasons. Mermaids are mammals. We need to be able to come to the surface to breathe.

What about photos?

We love photos! If you would like to hire a photographer for your event, we can suggest a few great ones. But we also love selfies and photos with your shellphones! If you need someone to snap a picture of you with the mermaids, don’t hesitate to ask the mer-wrangler. They will be glad to help!

And now for the boring stuff...